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HumidifiersHumidifiers, as their name implies, add moisture to the air in your home, and that can have a number of huge benefits. From preventing illnesses to increasing your home’s energy efficiency, humidifiers can do a lot for you.

Some humidifiers are small, portable appliances that are made to be used in a single room at a time, while others are made to work throughout your entire home. The air in San Antonio is often very dry, and while lotion is one way to combat the effects of that, replacing the moisture in your home’s air is more effective and more efficient in the long run.

While portable humidifiers do offer convenience (and they are better than nothing), they offer much less control than a whole-home humidifier. Whole-home humidifiers are installed directly within your HVAC system, so the air source – i.e., your duct system – can be infused with water vapor from the start. And because these humidifiers are directly hooked up to your heating system, you can use your thermostat to regulate how much moisture you want in your air, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on these levels throughout the year.

Our technicians are all licensed and professionally trained, so we’ll be able to handle the installation, maintenance, and any repairs you need for your humidifier. We’ll help you make sure that your home’s air-moisture levels are comfortable and healthy throughout the year.

The Benefits of Humidifiers

There are more than a few excellent reasons to have a humidifier installed in your San Antonio home’s HVAC system:

  • Dry air can lead to sore throats, cracked and itchy skin, and dry noses. It can also irritate asthmatic and allergenic symptoms. Installing a humidifier will make all the air in your home more moist and help to relieve these symptoms.
  • Property can also be damaged by dry air. Plaster, paint, wood floors, and furniture call be negatively affected by a dry atmosphere. And artwork, electronics, and musical instruments could all sustain serious damages as well. Your new humidifier can help to protect your property.
  • Some viruses can spread more easily in dry environments, so making sure that your home’s air is moist can reduce the spread of serious illnesses and infections.

After installing a humidifier, you’ll be able to feel warmer with your thermostat at lower temperatures. The water vapor being heated will help your system heat more efficiently. This can save you up to 4% on your heating bill per degree you lower your thermostat during the winter.

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If you’re looking for a humidifier is the San Antonio area, call JB Heating & Air Conditioning at 210-316-0523, or fill out our online request form.

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